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men shoe fashion rubber outsole

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Item Namemen shoe fashion rubber outsole
Usable rangemen shoes
PUlow density, adjustable hardness (20-95 degrees), good flexibility, comfortable, shock absorb, hidrolysis, eco-friendly, good for recycling
TPRHeating temperature should be no more than 80 degrees;2.No high strength, treatment agent shall be used for cleaning; 3.can only use agent to clean it, not soak
TPUEasily molded, cheaper price, light, comfortable, fexible, colorable, high intensity, cold resistance
RubberGood mechanical strength, wear resistant, oil resistant, bend resistant, good looking, high quality level
PUGood wear resistance, anti skid, flexible, not easy to crack, good ductility, stable shrinkage, good hardness, easily benched, water proof
TPRHeating temperature should be no more than 60 degrees, in case of second time foaming;2.No high strength treatment agent shall be used for cleaning;3.Put orderlines for storage to avoid compressive strain
TPUCan't be polished for gluing
RubberCan't touch water for storage in case of frosting; when wear the shoes with rubber sole, don't walk in water in case of slippery
ColorDouble color
Size39# -45#
Size Difference6.66mm
MOQ500 pairs