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The Photochromic sole


The Photochromic Sole which can change color under sunlight

The sole which can change color is Photochromic sole.It means when the sunlight is strong the color will become deep,when the sunlight become less the color of the sole will return into transparent white.We are the one to bring this new technology, so far it just has one color same as the following pictures.

This material can make in any rubber mould, so it can turn to many sole design, kids women or men, slipper sneaker or sandal.So the size range will depend on the model of the sole.

See the picture,the outsole is transparent,when it feel the sunlight,it will turn to pink even to purple.At the same time,when the sunlight is week,it will turn back to transparent.This color changing period will finish only in a minute.

Love this lovely color!

Could you image this magical sole weared on the feet? We already make it!